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This page was last updated: 10/18/2012
What the children say
2-year old said: "Lady hurts."
Melva Villa & Charlotte Williams, Guardians
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Experiences children have had when they venerated the Missionary Image
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St. Anthony's Matachinas 2009
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Comments by Children
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2 Images from 2010


12     St. Philip the Deacon 6 pm overnight, 8 p.m. leave St. Philips
13     St. Agnes  9 am, Legion of Mary, 
  Resurection    1 PM CDA 
17--18   St. Charles Boramao   8:30 for 9:am Mass
 8615 W. Peoria Ave, Peoria, leave around noon

 Santa Teresita,arrive 2 pm, Evening Procession and
 14016 No. Verbena, El MirageOvernight Adoration 
       St. Joachim and St. Anne8 am Mass,
18  11625 N. 111th Avenue, Sun City

20   Our Lady of Joy8 a.m. until 1 
36811 N Pima Road, Carefree

Sts. Simon & Jude dinner        4:30
6351 N. 27th Avenue, Phoenix, 

21 Immaculate Heart    7 (Spa.)and 11 (Eng) am Masses. 
909 E. Washington  Procession to civic center 
Starts: after 11am mass
Immaculate Heart/Convention center, from 909 East Washington, Phx
23Our Lady of Perpetual Help, noon Mass, 
    7655 E. Main Street, Scottsdaleall night adoration, School on
  the 24th Noon Mass before leaving
26Blessed Sacrament  
   512 N. 93rd Avenue Tolleson5 pm until 8 pm Adoration and history


Over the past few years when the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe has come to the Phoenix area, we have witnessed many things.

MANY people smell roses. MOST people feel a peacefulness that they have not felt before. People of all ages often feel the heartbeat of Mary and of Baby Jesus. 

One year at one of the churches, a two year old child touched the image and said "Lady hurts."  She hurts because of the way we have treated her son. At one of the schools, a pre-kindergarten teacher saw the Image with a tear. Others noticed moisture on the cheek of the Image.

At one of the prisons here, The Missionary Image had a teardrop on her cheek and one on her knee. Over 30 people witnessed it.

One person said, "When I touched our Mother of Guadalupe, I felt a great tenderness in my heart and when I turn my eyes to her I felt I needed to forgive completely everybody that has offended me.  At this moment, I felt her womb moving."

In 2004, we went to most of the Catholic high schools in the valley.  At many of the schools the aroma of roses was very prevalent. 

"I touched her heart and asked her to give us strength to lead our lives the way God meant it to be.  My son said when he touched her heart he felt a shock go up to his heart. When I thought about it, I said to myself he is innocent and has a great love for Our Blessed Mary and maybe my son really did feel something."

"The minute I entered the chapel the aroma of roses hung sweetly in the air.  As I placed my hand on her womb, the heartbeat caused by hand to tremble slightly." 

"I have been searching for a way back to my religion and faith and found it today the moment I walked in the door and saw the beautiful picture of Our Lady.  I love you Blessed Mother." 
It should be noted: Not everyone, everytime, will smell the roses or feel the heartbeat. This is a blessing from Our Lord.  He chooses when He wants to give us His blessings and how.

The person who does not receive a blessing at the moment the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is viewed and touched, may receive a blessing later.